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Carbon Sailing has become HISWA member!

We proudly share with you that Carbon Sailing has officially become a member of the HISWA.

About HISWA:
The Netherlands has about one and a half million water sports enthusiasts.

The water sports industry is very diverse as well as the water sports enthusiasts themselves. Think of Carbon Sailing, but also yacht builders, yacht brokers, water sports shops, sailing schools, marinas, diving organizations and rental companies. They are professional in rope to support water sports enthusiasts in their passion. Yet together they have one common platform: HISWA.

HISWA: guarantee for carefree sailing pleasure

HISWA has been the water sports hallmark for 80 years. Water sports enthusiasts do business with a HISWA company. HISWA companies give boaters the guarantee for carefree sailing pleasure. Whether they rent a boat, find a berth, want to sell their yacht, or need a sailing lesson or a repair.
HISWA companies are professional and reliable and use the HISWA General Conditions.

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