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What is Carbon (carbon fiber)?

Carbon fiber is popularly known as Carbon, but what exactly is it? Carbon fiber is a material that consists of thin carbon fibers. The fibers with a thickness of about 0.05 – 0.1MM elongated carbon crystals parallel with the fiber.

The fiber is characterized by a very small elasticity before the fiber will break. Some thousands of fibers are twined into yarn that, when added, is first woven into mats. The fibers and mats are mainly used in synthetic resin for the manufacture of very strong and light composites.

Carbon fiber is sometimes also called graphite fiber. However, this is incorrect because graphite is a very soft form of carbon that has no fiber structure. Carbon fibers are made from acrylic fibers by means of pyrolysis at temperatures up to 3000 degrees Celsius.

What are the characteristics of Carbon ?:

Carbon doesn’t oxidize when it is in contact with water or oxygen, important for our product!
It has a high tensile strength and a low coefficient of expansion. The combination of these characteristics makes it very important to know where it should be used. Aviation, car industry but also in our line of business for the use of masts, booms and spinnaker poles.

Our supplier of Carbon tube is based in Dronten.
For years market leader and specialized in composite.
On the youtube channel of Price Fiber Tech, they give a glimpse into the kitchen.