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Prices Carbon Sailing Spinaker/Whisker Pole

Product description Price Particularities
Aluminum end piece € 158,- per piece Usually you need 2
Carbon tube 60MM x 2.0 MM wall thickness € 105,- per meter
Heavy Duty version, with inside tube of 50MM €  79,- Extra price per meter This combination is stronger than, for example, diameter 80 or 100MM. Test data can be retrieved
Internal Tripline € 58,- per meter This allows you to open the eye of the end pieces from the center of the carbon pole. Includes unique storage system that prevents water from entering the tree
Line attachment point in the middle of the carbon pole € 83,-
UV-Coating € 78,-
Boat name or Sailing number on carbon pole € 35,- We place these under the UV coating
Spinnaker pole in, for example, Wood-Look wrapping € 225,- In principle everything is possible
Anodizing in special color recalculation It is possible to annotise end pieces in the desired color
Prices include VAT
Excluding shipping costs recalculation

Prices Carbon Sailing Bowsprit/Bowpole:

Productomschrijving Prijs Per Bijzonderheden
Bowsprit 60MM / with inner tube 50 MM length 2 meters Targetprice  € 550 2 meter Including aluminum anodised nose with interchangeable plastic(POM) can and stainless steel retaining disc, possibly with eye (see photo) where the dyneema lines come out. We use Dyneema 5 MM with 2500 KG strong breakage and strong UV coating (stock)
 Bow-studded fastening plate with fastener.

Complete set

€ 195,- piece This is the plastic (POM)  ring where the carbon tube is inserted. Included aluminium fast closing system and a stainless steel cover plate where you can also mount your safety line. The height of this system for your bow-pole is variable.
Boat name or Sailing number on carbon pole € 35,- We place these under the UV coating
Prices include VAT
Excluding shipping costs recalculation


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