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The Carbon Sailing Bowpole is suitable for up to 48Ft sailing yachts in outer diameter Ø60MM. Because we use Ø60MM we need less space on the front deck. 60MM looks “small” but we use also a 50MM inner tube. This combination is unique and also very strong. We have our own testing equipment in Vaassen so we know what we are talking about.

The fastening on your front deck will be done by means of a quick lock system. This is the plastic (POM) ring where the carbon tube is inserted. Aluminium quick lock system and a stainless steel cover plate where you can also mount your safety line. This system is our own development, unique system, easy to use, and the user responses are great.

The height of this system for your bowpole is variable, so that you get above your foot-rail or even mounting on the anchor fitting.

After disassembly of the carbon bowpole, only 2 small stainless steel plates will be visible which can also be used for a deck-safety line. In our workshop we are able to create custom-made parts so that your carbon bowl pole will perfectly fit your wishes. We can also do the mounting on your ship.


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